Jul 06 2008

MarketPlanB Email Marketing

Published by Tom Lindmeier

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MarketPlanB is your complete, one-stop solution for campaign planning, creative development and delivery of email promotions and newsletters.

Permission-based email marketing is a top revenue generator for eCommerce and one of the most effective tools for lead generation. If your email program is under-performing if you are just getting started, it may be the time turn over your email marketing to a seasoned professional with a proven track record.

Although all services are available ala carte, the primary benefit of MarketPlanB is to eliminate the burden of orchestrating the multiple skill sets required for effective email marketing campaigns.

The result? A one-stop solution that produces steadily improved results and delivers on-time every-time. The overriding philosophy at MarketPlanB is to deliver content that is of genuine value to your customers and to use metrics and testing to gain steady improvement.

The complete package of services at MarketPlanB include:

* Campaign Planning
* Design (portfolio)
* Writing
* List Management
* Delivery
* In-Depth Reporting

Most businesses require more advanced capabilities so MarketPlanB also provides:

* Full Personalization of up to 20 Variables
* Trigger-Based Delivery
* Behavioral Targeting
* Landing Page Development
* List Segmentation
* A/B or Multi-Variate Testing

MarketPlanB works with proven technology partners to deliver some advanced services. We can also work with your technology partners to quickly implement new programs.

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